In September, 2011, a group of thinkers shared this quote and statement:

“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds” --Theo Jansen

This quote is a testament to the fact that the walls that divide our content areas are truly a product of our own imaginations. As in life, art and engineering are inextricably connected and to teach them as such allows students to artfully discover creative and personally meaningful design through the exploration of innovative proficiency and functionality of engineering. Art has the capacity to authentically engage students in cultural connections that weave throughout the visual world in which we live.

Our work in this unit could be called

artful science

or artful technology

or artful engineering

or artful math

or even artful thinking...
as we explore the connections between art, science, technology, engineering, and math through make-to-learn activities using hand fabrication, digital fabrication, and hopefully, even 3-d fabrication.

One question we will begin with is this:

Is math an art form?

As you work on this wiki, moving through the lessons just as they are listed, please keep that question in mind. We will finish the first day's work with a Gallery Walk, looking at the pop ups you have made. That's when we'll explore and discuss the question: Is math an art form? Why or why not?

Move on now to Artful Thinking!