Introducing the lesson:
  • During this unit we have been working on spatial visualization skills and learning some concrete math skills such as volume and surface area as we manipulated snap cubes both physically and virtually. To cement those skills and to show what you know and have learned, our final work will be to fabricate a cube that has different parts. Here's an example of what we'll be doing. Sample Endover Cube
  • After you have watched that, please get your iPod and find a quiet space to add this URL to your home screen and then begin watching theses videos to make sure you will know how to use Fab Lab Modelmaker when we begin this afternoon. STEM in Art videos

Working on the work: Please make sure you have finished the introductory activities, before beginning your cube.
  • We began this unit looking at some 3-D art, including the Endover cube. Please watch a portion of the video here that shows the cube rotating and moving.

  • Download the Lesson 5 worksheet

Winding up the lesson:

Class Discussion: