Introducing the lesson: Today we're going to look at--and recreate-- some art that uses geometric shapes. You'll learn about an artist named Sol Lewitt, exploring his art both virtually and physically. We'll also learn to draw mat drawings and as you work, we'll use geometric vocabulary.
*Take five minutes to read over the KWL 3D Art Google Doc. If you didn't add any comments last night, please do so now, making sure not to duplicate something already there.

*Then think about the reading you did last night, The Root of Ingenuity, and talk with your partner about how an engineer and artist may use the same or similar processes as they work. That's your big thinking to do today as you work--think about what kinds of thinking you are doing today as you work.

Working on the work: When you finish the introductory activities, both of you open the Lesson 2 Worksheet.doc and look at the 4 pictures on the first page, called Design From a Picture.

*Open the website, Cubits Online Activity.Set up the two pages side by side on your computer so that you can see them both, like this: .

What you are going to do is try to recreate online the shapes you see on the worksheet. When you think you have built it, Ask your buddy to check you. Be sure to use the tool on the Cubits site to show them all four sides.

*Then, use snap cubes and the figures on the worksheet to build it again. Does it stand up by itself?

*For the next two figures, swap off with your partner--one of you build it virtually while the other builds it with snap cubes and then, for the third figure, swap which tool you use to make the figure.

*For the last one, again do both ways by yourself. Think about whether it is easier now than the first time you tried. Which way do you like building better--online, virtually or with real snap cubes? Did the technology make it easier or harder? Please go to our Today's Meet and add your thoughts.

Design from a Mat Picture
*Go to the worksheet entitled Design From a Mat Picture and again, open it and the Cubits web site side by side. For numbers 1 and 4, you will build it both online and with snap cubes. For numbers 2 and 3 you will again swap off with your partner.

Winding up the lesson:
Class Discussion:
*Think about whether making the cubit is easier now than the first time you tried. Which way do you like building better--online (virtually), or with real snap cubes or through the mat plan? Did the technology make it easier or harder? Please go to our second Today's Meet and add your thoughts. Read over both Today's Meets and read what you and others had to say. Then talk with your partner about which way each of you found it hardest and easiest and why.

Please download this brochure if you don't have internet access at home. Please read about Sol Lewitt tonight for homework. You may read about him here or here or at the NY Times, which describes his life when reporting his death.

Extension: Make a 3-D snowflake How is this like or not like the multi-slit popup you made in the first activity?