Introducing the lesson:
As you begin to work, please sit beside someone with whom you will work later in the lesson. Then, open your folder and write a couple of brief statements in the column under what we KNOW on the KWL sheet. We are activating your prior knowledge, helping you think about what you already know or think about geometric art.

*Go to this Google Doc and transfer your answers to the "What We KNOW" column. This is a group document but there is no need to put your name by what you write, just watch what others put in as you write so there aren't duplicates. (5-10 minutes for the KWL work)

Working on the work:

When you finish the introductory activities, buddy up with someone and one of you open the Lesson 1 Worksheet and one of you click on the link to the geometric art. Together you may do the first part of the worksheet. When you finish, please print two copies and each of you add it to your folder. (10 Minutes)

*Review the engineering design process, found here.Print it out for your folder if you want a copy.

*Please work by yourself on making the popup. You may each begin part 2 on the worksheet. Be sure to make a plan before you just jump in! You have 25 minutes until the Gallery Walk! (A Gallery Walk is where each kid/partnership displays their pop up and a blank piece of paper for comments where they worked. As all of us walk around, we comment on the blank paper.)

Winding up the lesson:
As we set up for the Gallery Walk, please visit other people's pop ups and give them feedback on their work on the paper at their station. Please address the color and design elements in your comments. Try to respond to at least four other people's work before we have the class discussion.

Class Discussion:
  • What was easy or difficult about creating the multi-slit pop-up?
  • Think about (or look at) the engineering design process steps. What steps in the process were easy or difficult? Did you skip any steps and, if so, what was the result?
  • To what extent did the artistic criteria affect the final design?

Please read The Root of Ingenuity. Revise and add to your paper copy of the KWL first, THEN add your thoughts to the KWL 3D Art Google Doc
(If you can't do this at home, we'll find time tomorrow in school to do so.)